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Ceramic tile how to color match
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, and soft hard combined, tile General has is strong of hardness and sucking water expansion rate, like rock wall brick, its surface like rock, scale very big, or Brown, or green black, in lights of irradiation Xia will rendering out rich of light changes, very for bathroom, as will its for local, and around environment formed soft and hard, and cold and warm of compared, will is very modern of style design. 2, color shades, shades of color with two ceramic tile will give a Visual sense of relaxation, at the same time, tiles of different colors formed jumping movements tend to outline notes-like rhythm. 3, size combination in the same space, different colors, different styles of tiles, and clever match, tends to make the space more vivid, especially in the presence of light, will give the tiles gives a good sense of color, light and shadow, makes its home in one of the highlights of the. Softer 4, style, wallpaper-like brick wall tiles are waterproof and wallpapers cloth effects and gloss, discard the tile's chill and a fabric-like soft and comfortable, especially for bathroom use.