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How to prevent glaze tiles appear cracked
- Mar 29, 2017 -

First, select good of tile products is avoid glaze crack key, because good of tile products are is to after strictly physical and the chemical test, such of tile products billet body and the glaze surface its expansion coefficient are for has strictly control, and control is will billet body and the glaze surface of expansion coefficient, in by environment factors effect and the changes of range down to minimum, this is why good glaze surface tile not cheap of main reasons. Also has is in construction aspects to note, on Pu posted tile paste accessories of select, to using skillfully good properly cement mortar, avoid using strength high of cement mortar, had high strength cement mortar will on tile caused mechanical sex pulled crack, last led to crack produced, while, also to avoid using strength low of cement mortar, strength low of cement mortar paste not stability tile led to occurred off phenomenon.