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Living room tiles selection
- Mar 29, 2017 -

In purchase tiles Shi first to consider himself of overall style, is home decoration of style, now popular of new Chinese style, and Mediterranean sun style, and Europe land village style, and East pastoral style and so on, home decoration involved tile, and ware, and lamps, and curtains, and kitchen cabinet, and doors and Windows, and paint, eight big Department material and jewelry, style of unified coordination extremely important, is measure decorative grade and quality main concern points. Styles are determined, make sure tile color tone, note also that consider their individual needs, children and other family members of the elderly structure, safety is to pay attention to. Floor tiles are now the most important fall into two broad categories: tiles and glazed now commonly refers to most of the antique brick is glazed! don't listen merchant of porcelain or water absorption rate, provided that they meet the national standards for domestic use, there is no difference.