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Tile enterprises to win the market and stores communication is important
- Mar 29, 2017 -

At present, with the increasingly rapid information dissemination, business, channel progressive increase in the number of access to information, in particular subsequent promotion Conference, exhibition, was also overwhelmed by enterprises. Stores is an important opportunity to showcase their, tile enterprise to seize the golden opportunity, enhance communication with store can really win the market. Now first and second city's home market has become saturated, but the category IV still hopes. So, on one hand, it needs to seize the emerging markets, on the other hand, are by virtue of their power, which had been squeezed out of local stores, expanding the development space for themselves. Regardless of the tile store expansion, will involve investment issues. Opening a new store, you need a considerable number of dealers settled, average a store settled 150 owners are the norm. These merchants come from where you come from, existing ceramic tile distributors, says business is tough.