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Tile why would fall
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Base treatment issues: wall ground base treatment is not clean, water moisture, tile dust on the back are not enough addition, paving the former too much water will cause tile and wall adhesion is not tight, over time will come apart after the fall of the situation. Ceramic tile quality issues: quality can also be loose on one of the tiles, tiles paste directly affects the strength of water absorption. State regulations, porcelain tiles is water absorption e ≤ 0.5%, shrinkage of porcelain tile expansion rate of about 4x10-6, when the tile or cement water absorption did not meet standards, after expansion and contraction, separation of ceramic tile and cement shrinkage lead falls. Construction technology problem: during construction if the bedding mortar laying too thick or too much cement with water, paving tiles fell; in addition, if it is a large-size tiles, if the gap is too small, and expansion and contraction after the squeeze and tends to become warped and cracked.