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Antique Tile Join Cultural Taste
- Mar 29, 2017 -

The confusion between the like between heaven and Earth, natural beauty, home of wonderful workmanship excelling nature. Kaidibaoluo blend of cultural charm of rustic tiles, capturing natural inspiration, to create a perfect texture and gloss matching antique cement tiles, giving every ounce of textures, unique life, describe the unique taste of each light pattern, light was released by home space wise. When sunlight pours into the cement antique tiles tile surface, like its absorption, yet leisurely reveals very soft luster, delicate texture to contain, the confusion between, there are endless. In the noisy cities, shed its bustling, adhere to the inner peace, the so-called wise man lives, antique tile custom restored uncut stone texture in the cement, reproducing the original stone appearance, in a dazzling light they keep, in between the lights show the real me.