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Ceramic Tile
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Ceramic tile radioactivity of countries into groups a, b and c, and so on. Scope is not restricted class a, places can be used in home decoration. So indoor environmental performance of floor tiles have to be guaranteed up to class a standards. Key distinction: according to the national environmental standards, radioactive level of decorative materials are divided into three categories. First, a type of decorative materials, decoration materials, radionuclide radium-226 and thorium-232 and potassium-40 radiation specific activity of both of the I Ra ≤ 1.0 and Ir ≤ 1.3 requirements for a type of decorative materials. Class a materials production and use is not restricted. B, b, decorative materials, decorative material does not meet class a requirements to satisfy I Ra ≤ 1.3, IY ≤ 1.9 requirements for category b decorative material. Class b interior decoration materials are not available for category I civil buildings surface, but can be used in category I the exterior of the building and all the rest of Interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other outdoor uses. C, c, decorative materials, meets a, b type of decoration materials requirements but must meet the requirements I r ≤ 2.8 c decoration materials, class c decorative materials may only be used for the exterior of the building and other outdoor uses.