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Decorate Small Match
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, French romantic style: French style, pay attention to the exquisite, delicate and often reflected in detail. Soft light curves, complex and detailed carvings, gold is an important element. On the color matching in overall space, choose low key color. You can create elegant and romantic atmosphere; you can also properly displays a variety of exquisite furnishings and decorative. French style are emphasizing a sense of returning to nature, giving a blow in a rich rustic. Tiles can be glazed Hollow bricks or tiles, tile color simple, eye-catching color, which retains the simplicity of the main space, but also to create an elegant atmosphere. 2, modern and trendy design style: is characterized by simple, practical and generosity. Because the "minimalist" philosophy of life are prevalent in today's pop culture. Modern minimalist style exquisite function first, form follows function. Calls for the creation of a novel and simple decoration, design closer to people's lives. Tile selection can be considered a one-color, ruled a small pattern of simple neat or stylish design suit can be obvious signs.