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Rough Diamonds--diamond
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Diamond commonly known as "diamond". We often say that the Diamond's original body, it is a mineral composed of carbon, is the allotrope of carbon. Diamond is currently found on Earth many of the hardest substance found in nature. Foshan diamond tile in the market has been dull now occupies the upper hand, its high gloss and more wear-resistant, in the level will not give the feeling of too heavy. overall diamond sales of ceramic tiles is far greater than other types of tiles. Detailed, has following several benefits: a, and no waves: Diamond tile used industry leading two times burn Super Crystal technology, DS crystal of glaze times Shi glaze process, 1180 degrees high temperature thermostat two times fired, completely put an end to has water corrugated of produced, products more hard more flat, surface rendering out perfect of mirror effect, as diamond like shiny moving, to people a noble luxury of Visual feel. Second, no suction: Diamond tile calls Super diamond crystal technology Pei twice more by the end of the hard, physical performance is more stable, less prone to suction, DS crystalline glaze applied technology to effectively reduce the stain again invaded. Unique 360 glaze technology, 360 degree full stain resistance, it is even harder to eliminate the phenomenon of the suction of the product.