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Shi Wan Ceramic Tiles Marble
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Foshan City, is the largest and most important ceramics production bases, Foshan, and Shiwan ceramics is a beautiful "business card." Is because of Shiwan ceramics enjoys a "Southern pottery" Laurel; is because of Shi Wan, resulting in today's developed based on Shiwan extends "Foshan ceramics" concept of the regional economy. In 2004, Shiwan, chancheng district, Foshan City streets was China building materials industry association, the network of excellence in ceramics, China building materials ceramics Association awarded "Chinese ceramics town", aroused the community's concern. In December 2005, Foshan chancheng district ceramic industry were included in the "demonstration area of Guangdong Province, one of the first cluster".Shiwan has always been "Southland pottery" in the world, has a long history of pottery culture, is an important part of Lingnan culture. As early as the Neolithic age of primitive, there will be a history of pottery, to the Tang and Song dynasties, has a highly developed, Ming and Qing dynasties reached its peak since the Ming dynasty, Shiwan pottery sculpture of art, architecture and garden ceramics, handicraft pottery has been exported. After the reform, the Shiwan ceramics, broader, more variety, more impressive in scope.