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Traditional Microlite And Boweijing Differences
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, performance: the traditional micro-Crystal stone thick, low intensity, high gloss, not dirty, not abrasion. Thin ceramic products, light weight, high hardness, high abrasion resistance. And traditional crystallized using different materials, wear-resistant materials of the thin surface layer of microcrystalline joined 30%, 70% of ceramic frit, a slight decrease in the permeability, but wear resistance and hardness can be greatly improved. 2, production process technology different: traditional micro-spar used of is two times firing technology, two times firing led finished exists wear degrees low, and hardness low, and billet body and micro-crystal combined not ideal, defects, thin micro-Crystal products used of is world leading of micro-Crystal two times burn technology, perfect overcome above problem; while in cost and energy aspects compared two times burn at least save 30~40%, so thin micro-Crystal products more environmental, and high hardness, and high wear, and firing time more short, and glaze surface thickness more thin.

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